Interview with Gabriela Tarkanyi

As I mentioned in my first post, the whole idea of this blog came from Gabriela Tarkanyi.  I thought I must do my first interview with her here, so I asked her some days ago. Now here is the interview, about her life, F1, travelling, fashion and music. Enjoy! :))

Q:What do you usually do when you have a little free time?

Gaby: We enjoy the time at home.  We love to go to the Gym and now with Victoria we spend lot of time in the play gardens.

Q:How do your life and your personality changed since the born of Victoria?

G: For me, everything, because now I need to think first in my little princess… Is a different live but I enjoy it.

Spanish GP, Barcelona, 2014, Sutton images

Q: Which one is your favourite track and why?  

G: I love Budapest and Singapore, you can see a big part of the circuit, the weather is nice and I love Hungarian people, are so nice.

Q: What do you usually do at the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

G: I talk with other interesting people, guests and I speak with Pastor when he has free time.

Hungarian GP, 2012, XPB images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?

G: I speek frequently with Raffaela but all the girls that I know are so nice.

Q: What do you think about the performance of  Lotus F1 Team and Pastor this season?

G: I think they can be better shortly.

Spannish GP, Barcelona, 2012, XPB images

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands? How would you discribe your style with one word?

G: I love shoes and bags, I think all the girls are like me hehehehehe… I don’t have a preference, If I see something that I like I just go for it hehehehehe…In one word I think my style is relax..

Malaysia 2013, Canada 2012, Spain 2012, Malaysia 2013 –  Sutton images

Q: Which place is your favourite holiday destination?

G: For sure Los Roques, and Canaima in Venezuela..

Q: Is there a country /city you haven’t been but you really want to visit?

G: I would like to go to Maldives..

Kép  Kép
Los Roques, Canaima,  Google images

Q: Which are the three most played song in your Ipod nowdays? 

G: I love latin music…”Mi chica ideal” from Chino y Nacho, “Don Juan” from Fany Lu, “Rompe la Cintura” from Alexis & Fido

Thank you very much Gaby!

KépGaby & Me /   2014-2011



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