Interview with Camille Marchetti

Here is the next interview, now with Camille Marchetti! She answered some questions about F1, fashion and travelling.
For those who don’t know her, here are some basic informations: she is 24 years old, came from Corsica, studies osteopathy in France and she is the girlfriend of Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Italian Grand Prix - Race Day - Monza, Italy
Italian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: Which is your favourite track and why?

Camille: My favorite track is Monaco because a lot of things happen during the race and because it is in the city which is beautiful

Camille and Jules at Amber Lounge  Fashion Show in Monaco, 2014, Camille’s instagram

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

C: Usually I stay in the motorhome and I study.

Australian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?

C: I don’t know many F1 ladies because I am not often in the paddock but I get along with Chloe very well.


Camille and Chloe at the Monaco GP 2014 and Italian GP 2013 –  F1Grandprix, Sutton images

Q:Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?

C: Monaco 14 of course because it was the first points for Jules and Marussia and I was very happy for them.

Monaco GP 2014, Camille’s instagram

Q:Which is your favourite holiday place? Is there a place you have never been but you want to go one day?

C: My favorite place for holidays is Corsica the amazing island where I come from and I would love to go to Exumas an island in the Bahamas.

4.jpg 5
Corsica and Exumas, Google

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands / Which ones do you wear the most?

C: I love Sandro and Maje, I wear Zara a lot and I also like Brandy Melville.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Spanish Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Barcelona, Spain
Spanish GP 2014, XPB images

Q: How would you describe your style with one word?

C: I don’t have specific style, I like wearing different style but I would say natural.

Monaco GP 2014, XPB images

Follow Camille in twitter @camillemarchet1 and instagram @camillemarchetti 


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