Interview with Emilia Pikkarainen

Last week I  interviewed Finnish swimmer Emilia Pikkarainen.  She is member of  the Finnish national swim team,  she  competed at Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008 (she was only 15 years old!) and in London in 2012.  Last but not least, she is the girlfriend of F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, they are together since 2010.

Monaco GP 2014, XPB images

Question: Which is your favourite F1 track and why? 

Emilia: I like Austin and Suzuka, but I haven’t seen all the tracks, yet.

Japanese GP 2013, Sutton images

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

E: Most of the time I talk with the people who are visiting Williams motorhome. Sometimes I study, read or watch some movies.

Austin 2013, Sutton images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most? 

E: I don’t know them all, but everyone I’ve met seem really gentle. I know Paola the most and she’s really sweet.


Emilia and Paola at Monaco GP 2014, XPB images and Emilia’s instagram

Q: Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?

E: I have to say Austria, because Valtteri got his first podium place and that was incredible!!


Emilia and Valtteri at the Australian GP 2014 and after the Austrian GP 2014, Emilia’s twitter

Q: What do you do in your free time when you are not on a race weekend or you are not training?

E: I cook, spend some time with friends, read, study, do horseback riding, play with dogs and enjoy the nature.

 Cep9i_qW8AAqYOk.jpg Cc8prLNWIAEPLll
Emilia’s twitter

Q: We can see in your photos that you like horses and horse riding. When and how did you start horse riding?

E: I’ve loved horses all my life!

Emilia’s twitter

Q: Which is your favourite holiday place? 

E: I like spending holidays and freetime in Finland, especially during the summer. Lapland is breathtaking and unique.

Emilia’s facebook

Q: Which is your favourite country /city?

E: Not Finland included, Italy, Rome is delightful. I admire the architecture, design, culture and food of course. The atmosphere is special in Rome.

Hungarian GP 2014, Sutton  images

Q: Is there a place where you haven’t been but you want to go? 

E: New Zeland and South Africa are definitely the places I must see one day – way different and far away from Finland.

Emerald_Lakes,_New_Zealand.jpg stadium-ct
New Zealand and South Africa, Google

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands/Which ones do you wear the most?

E: I don’t really have any favourite brands. I usually search and buy things that look good to me.

Italian GP 2012, Australian GP 2013, Japanese GP 2013, Australian GP 2014, Australian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: How would you describe your style with one word?

E: Feminine!

Emilia and me at Monaco GP 2014-2013

Follow Emilia on twitter @emiliaepi and instagram @emiliapikkarainen  and facebook Emilia Pikkarainen Fanclub


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