Interview with Chloe Roberts

Here is a new interview again, this time with the lovely Chloe Roberts. She studies at university and makes beautiful knits and  print designs!  (Check out her new  own designed necklace at Wool And The Gang). She is also girlfriend of Marussia driver Max Chilton, they are together since 2009.

Bahrain GP 2014, XPB images

Question: How did you and Max meet?

Chloe: Max and I have been friends since we were really young and after being friends for years we started dating when I was 15 and he was 17 🙂

Chloe’s instagram

Q: What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?

Chloe: In my free time I have to do a lot of work for my university course but I also do lots of painting and love spending time with my family and friends.

Italian GP 2013, Sutton images

Q: We see you are love knitting, when and how did you start it?

Chloe: I was taught to knit by my grandma when I was really young and I have always loved making things by hand. I have always been drawn to unique hand made things that have had a lot of time and effort put into making them. I think it makes things more special!

Abu Dhabi GP 2013, Max’s instagram

Chloe’s instagram

Q: Which is your favourite F1 track and why?

Chloe: I’m not sure a have a favourite track, Silverstone feels amazing because of the support that Max gets as a british driver and the memories I  have of him driving there in GP2 and british F3, but I have loved all the tracks I have been to! Especially Monaco.

Amber Lounge Fashion Show 2014, Zimbio 

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

Chloe:  When the cars are not on track I tend to do my university work (knitting) and hang out with Max’s parents who come to support him when ever they can.

Italian GP 2013, Lat photo

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?

Chloe: I dont know all the girls, but all the ones I have met have been really sweet. The girls I know best are Camille and Jenny and they are lovely 🙂

Chloe, Jennifer and Camille at Amber Lounge Fashion Show, Monaco 2014, Jennifer Becks’ twitter

Q: Which is your favourite country /city?

Chloe: I would have to be patriotic hear and say England as my favourite country, because I have lived hear all my life and forgetting the bad wether its a beautiful place!
Favourite city will have to be Paris!

Chloe’s instagram

Q:  Is there a place where you haven’t been but you really want to go?

Chloe: I have so many places I want to visit! But as I have never been to the USA so I think anywhere there certainly next up on my list!

Chloe’s instagram

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands / Which ones do you wear the most?

Chloe: I love brands like ZARA, COS, WHISTLES, TOP SHOP but I will shop in any shop if I like something.
owww and another brand I love is Belstaff which is one of Max’s sponsors and they are amazing! Beautiful jackets, Jenny wore one at Silverstone.

Chloe’s outfits – GOSH party 2014, Burberry Fashion Show 2013, Belgian GP 2013, Italian GP 2013, Abu Dhabi GP 2013, Bahrain GP 2014- Zimbio, Sutton images, XPB images

Follow Chloe on twitter @chloeroberts323 and instagram @chloeroberts323


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