Exclusive – Interview with Jessica Michibata

As I promised, here is the next piece in my F1Ladies interview series. An exclusive one.  Why is it exclusive? First, because it is with the one and only Jessica Michibata. I don’t have to explain this, I guess! 🙂
Second, because she said she says no to every interviews when it comes to F1.  But she considered it for me and said yes at the end. And I think it was worth to try it – I loved her answers, you’ll love them as well, I’m sure. 🙂  So I want to  thank you very much for the chance again,  Jessica.


Jessica’s facebook page


Question:  What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?

Jessica: I like to spend my day off training(yoga,running, swimming, exercising at home or gym, kick-boxing,etc..) I also love watching movies, reading books, and of course having a lovely lunch or dinner with my friends is always great too. As my hobbies, I like cooking, taking pictures and reading books.

Canadian GP 2014, Getty Images

Q: Can you tell us anything about  your upcoming works?

Jessica: At the moment I’m working on promoting my first movie “Shanti Days” which will be out on the 25th of Oct, I also have a new yoga DVD “Jessica Yoga in Hawai’i” coming out soon(15th Oct)  as well. There are lots of collaboration products that I have been working on as well, such as sunglasses, lucky charms, organic towels etc…

Hungarian GP 2013, Getty Images

Q: Is there anyone who help you to organise your programs, works, or do you do it all alone?

Jessica: You mean my work? If so, Yes, I do have an agent and a manager. We decide everything together, I’m very much involved in every decision we make.

Singapore GP 2013, Getty Images

Q: You published several books. Will we see another book soon?

Jessica: I hope so! I took a break after my last one “Jessica Style”, only because publishing a book is not easy, it takes a long time of yours, and you can never finish it on a dead line! But I think I’m ready to do another one, which will probably be more like a “law of attraction” “Self help” book. I already have a strong idea in my  mind.

Jessica Style, Jessica’s instagram

Q: Many people want to know, do you plan to publish a book in english?

Jessica: I would love to! But unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.. If you know any publisher that would be interested, please let me know!

Q: How did you felt yourself on the set of your first yoga DVD, Jessica Yoga in Hawai’i?

Jessica: I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years now, so it was pretty natural. Plus playing a Yoga instructor in the movie also inspired me to make my own yoga DVD.

Jessica Yoga in Hawai’i, Jessica’s facebook page

Q: Which is your favourite F1 track and why?

Jessica: It’s hard to choose just one, so I’ll choose few 😉

Melbourne : Because it’s the first race, everybody is happy to be back, always exciting, no championship yet so it seems that all the drivers are more relaxed in Australia. And of course the city of Melbourne is great, I love going back there.

Monaco : Because this is THE F1 race. No overtaking, Slow race, Drivers hate it, it’s always hectic, Half of the people who are there have absolutely no idea about racing but still there is something about this place. When people hear about F1, first thing that come up in their mind is Monaco GP. Even for those people who know nothing about F1 racing. So in that terms, I think it’s a great race. Plus it’s very classic.

Monaco GP 2012, Sutton images

Singapore : Because it’s definitely a fun one to come. Not only to watch the race which is already exciting enough(night race, public road..) but it’s the whole of singapore turns into this festival feeling! I always tell my friends back in Japan, if they want to come to an F1 race, come to Singapore! It’s nightmare for me because even if my friends come, I don’t get to see them unless they are on the European time zone which they won’t be! So I never see the sun while I’m there which is a shame.. Waking up at 2pm and have breakfast at 3pm, lunch is at 8pm, dinner will be 2am, going to bed at 5am! But it’s great for those people who are there just for fun because they can watch the race and start drinking and going out for concert or dancing after!!!

Suzuka : This might be my favorite of all… And of course the reason is because it’s my home country, and it’s always a great atmosphere there. Suzuka is not an easy place to access so those fans out there are true F1 fans.. The fans are great there. They are so passionate and just so exciting about the race! Not to mention Suzuka is always one of the drivers favorite race, because of the history and the toughness of the circuit. There aren’t many circuits like that anymore. Good old fast track! For me, it’s also a great feeling to have my family there too. Usually my mom and my little sister come to this race!

Japanese GP 2012, Sutton images

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

Jessica: I spend most of my time in the brand center(Hospitality), talking to people, having lunch and dinner there, and I’m always working on my computer while I’m away from Japan.

Belgian GP 2012, Sutton images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?
Jessica: I like all the girls I know in F1. But I have to say I always enjoy seeing Jennifer, Vivian, Gaby and Mandy(Adrian Newey’s partner) Michelle and Fabiana are such lovely women too.

Jessica and Vivian at Monaco GP 2011, Sutton images


Q: Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?

Jessica: I must say, Australian GP 2009, Monaco GP 2009, Canadian GP 2011, Japanese GP 2011(probably this one is more as it was an emotional year for us)

Canadian GP 2011, Sutton images & Japanese GP 2011, Pirelli

Q: Which is your favourite country /city?
Jessica: Japan / Tokyo

Australian GP 2013, Sutton images

Q: Which is your favourite holiday destination?
Jessica: Hawai’i
Q: Is there a place where you haven’t been but you really want to go?
Jessica: Yes! Maldives & Tanzania.
 Jessica’s instagram
Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands?

Jessica: I like, Rag & bone, Elizabeth & James, Isabel Marant, Helmut lung, Prada, and Top shop & Zara!

US GP 2012, Sutton images

Q: How would you describe your style with one word?

Jessica: Simple

GPs 2011-2014, Sutton images & XPB images

Q: What are your favourite beauty and make up products?

Jessica: I love RMS beauty, ILIA, MiMC, Addiction, Laura Mercier, SHIGETA, Bite beauty and ANASTASIA

Jessica & me, 2014-2011

Follow Jessica on twitter @jessybondgirl,  instagram @jessicamichibata, facebook Jessica Michibata blog Jessica Michibata


9 Replies to “Exclusive – Interview with Jessica Michibata”

  1. Such a great interview! We could probably be best friends on the basis of yoga and Isabel Marant alone and so good knowing she’s so down to earth liking Zara/Topshop!

  2. This was such an exciting interview!! I love reading these and I think it’s so nice of the F1 ladies that they agree to do them!!!

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