Interview with Andrea Campillo

It’s been two months already since I’ve posted the last F1Ladies interview… but now I’m back and working hard to interview the girls!
This time you can read the answers of Andrea Campillo, Sergio Pérez’s girlfriend. Some of you already asked me about her before; I hope you can get to know her a bit better from this interview. 🙂

10005197_663774500325896_447408029_nAndrea’s instagram

Question: How and when did you and Sergio meet?
Andrea: We met here in Mexico at a party on November 30th 2013! It’s been almost a year since we met! We started dating on January 11th 2014.

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Question: What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?
Andrea:  Go to the gym. Watch tv shows. Go running outdoors. Play golf.

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Question: What do you study or work?
I’m studying at a hospitality and tourism management school here in Mexico. It’s such a great career.

Question: Have you been at any F1 race so far? Will we see you at next races?
No, I haven’t been to any F1 races. And yes, hopefully I will be there next year at some of them.

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Question: Which is your favourite F1 track and why?
Singapore, what I love about that track is that the race is at night and it’s inside the city and that’s what makes the track attractive.

Question: Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?
The Bahrain GP, because it was when Sergio won his 1st podium with Force India and his 4th podium in all his career of F1.

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Question: Have you meet any other F1 Lady or do you keep in touch with any of them?
No, I haven’t met any of them.

Question: Which is your favourite holiday place?
I love everything that’s related with cold weather, snow and mountains. Or the beach too.

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Question: Which is your favourite country /city?
Italy, it’s such a rich country in all senses, food, places, history, etc..

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Question: Is there a place where you haven’t been but you really want to go?
Yes, I would love to visit someday Dubai. I would love to go there someday.

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Question: Which are your favourite fashion designers and brands? / Which brands do you wear the most?
The brand I love the most is BCBG MAXAZRIA and Club Monaco. Those are the brands I wear the most. I also love Tory Burch.

Question: How would you describe your style with one word?
Andrea:  Classy

Andrea’s instagram

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