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Formula One is back after the long winter break, so I think this is the right time for me to come back and give my readers a new interview! 🙂 This time you can get to know everything about the beautiful ex-model, Petra Silander, who is a successful DJ and actress nowadays. She is also the girlfriend of Ferrari’s French test driver, Jean-Eric Vergne.

Question: When and how did you and Jev meet?
Petra: We met three years ago at a party and where friends before we started to date. I remember when we talked about that night afterwards and Jev told me, ”Petra, I remember how amazing you looked in that white dress you wore that night”. That was sweet, just that the dress I wore was black. Men…

Canadian GP 2014, Jerry Andre

Question: What do you do in your free time, what are your hobbies?
Petra: In my free time I listen a lot to music, most of the time you see me with headphones on my head. I love cinema so I often go to the cinema or read scripts.
I also like to draw, create music, watch documentaries and take photos. I love to learn new things!

Joseph Degbadjo

Question: Do you like sports beside motorsport? What sports do you do?
Petra: I do like sports. I never watch TV though so when I watch sports it’s live which I really enjoy.
I just started boxing a few months ago and I love it! Right now I’m working with a trainer and with him we go through a little bit of everything. We do boxing, body building and fighting choreographies and stunts for films. Apart from this I’m also running 2-3 times a week.


Question: I really liked your latest mix – ’A smooth start of the new year’. When did you start DJing and making mixes, and how did the idea came?
Petra: Thank you! I started DJing in 2012 at the same time I stopped modeling. I was fed up of modeling and since I went to Ibiza for the first time it has always been a dream to become a DJ so I just decided one day to go and buy myself a DJ-equipment. I practiced for five months at home before I went to the bar next to where I lived and asked if I could play there. After that I got more and more requests and that’s how it all started!

Check Petra’s mixes on her  Soundcloud!

A smooth start of the new year by Petra Silander

Camille Marotte

Question: What is your favorite music producer?
Petra: Hmm, I like almost everything that Miguel Campbell does. Joris Voorn and Adana Twins are also favorites! And to mention a girl, I really like what Nora En Pure does.

Camille Marotte

Question: You appeared in the movie ’Hunting Games’, what were your experiences during the set? Will we see you in another movie soon?
Petra: It was my first experience in an action film and it was also my first main role in a film. It was such a great experience and the team was fantastic. We became like a small family and we had so much fun!
I just finished filming a french TV-serie and this year I will star in a Sci-Fi film as a strong fighting girl. I’m so looking forward to that!

Hunting Games, Muhammed Sajid 

Question: You where working as a model in the past years, you have beautiful photo shoots. What did you enjoy the most about being a model and what did you don’t like?
Petra: Thank you so much! What I enjoyed most by being a model was all the travels I got to do. I’ve travelled to so many places and met so many people from different cultures that I would probably never have got the opportunity to have met if it wasn’t thanks to the modeling. What I didn’t enjoyed about being a model was to work with only my appearance. I don’t think it’s healthy to be so aware about your physics as you get when you model for a longer time. I think that’s a big reason why so many models try out acting, in order to do a creative work but on a deeper level. To take a personage much further than what you do within modeling.

Lothar Schmid

Question: Which is your favourite F1 track and why?
Petra: I haven’t been to that many but from the ones I’ve been to I have to say Monaco. Because of the history, prestige and the nice street circuit.

Question: What do you usually do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?
Petra: I’m always in JEVs room working on my computer, making music or reading scripts. I rarely go outside the hospitality, I’m not a big fan of the media circus so I tend to hide inside most of the time.

Jerry Andre

Question: Did you meet/talk with other F1 girlfriends already?
Petra: I have only met Minttu Virtanen and Marion Jolles Grosjean really fast.

Question: Which one was the most memorable GP/ race weekend for you since you watch F1?
Petra: I would say that Budapest 2014 was a very memorable and thrilling race. I think I bit off all my fingernails during that race! Nerve wrecking!

Petra’s instagram

Question: Which is your favorite holiday place?
Petra: I don’t have a favorite place for holidays really. I love to discover new places and I think that when I get older I will have my favorite spot that I will want to return to over and over. But for now I love to try new destinations each time.

Petra’s instagram

Question: Which is your favorite country / city?
Petra: I really love France. This country has everything; mountains for ski, city life that is great for business and entertainment, a beautiful countryside and cosast to escape to in the weekends. And oh, they have the best desserts and wine as well!
My favorite city is New York, there’s something special about the energy there.

Question: Is there a place where you haven’t been but you really want to go?
Petra: I would love to go to New Zealand and Las Vegas.

Petra’s instagram

Question: You always look so stylish at the GP weekends! Which are your favorite fashion brands?
Petra: Thank you! There are so many nice brands out there. I love to mix them all! But if I could, I would probably own a lot of Balmain clothes. I love what Balmain does.

Question: How would you describe your style with one word?
Petra: Varied and according to my mood. Yes, I know that’s more than one word. 🙂

Monaco GP 2014, Australian GP 2014, Hungarian GP 2014, Canadian GP 2014 – Sutton images, XPB photos, Andre Pichette

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