Interview with Camille Marchetti

Here is the next interview, now with Camille Marchetti! She answered some questions about F1, fashion and travelling.
For those who don’t know her, here are some basic informations: she is 24 years old, came from Corsica, studies osteopathy in France and she is the girlfriend of Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Italian Grand Prix - Race Day - Monza, Italy
Italian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: Which is your favourite track and why?

Camille: My favorite track is Monaco because a lot of things happen during the race and because it is in the city which is beautiful

Camille and Jules at Amber Lounge  Fashion Show in Monaco, 2014, Camille’s instagram

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

C: Usually I stay in the motorhome and I study.

Australian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?

C: I don’t know many F1 ladies because I am not often in the paddock but I get along with Chloe very well.


Camille and Chloe at the Monaco GP 2014 and Italian GP 2013 –  F1Grandprix, Sutton images

Q:Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?

C: Monaco 14 of course because it was the first points for Jules and Marussia and I was very happy for them.

Monaco GP 2014, Camille’s instagram

Q:Which is your favourite holiday place? Is there a place you have never been but you want to go one day?

C: My favorite place for holidays is Corsica the amazing island where I come from and I would love to go to Exumas an island in the Bahamas.

4.jpg 5
Corsica and Exumas, Google

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands / Which ones do you wear the most?

C: I love Sandro and Maje, I wear Zara a lot and I also like Brandy Melville.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Spanish Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Barcelona, Spain
Spanish GP 2014, XPB images

Q: How would you describe your style with one word?

C: I don’t have specific style, I like wearing different style but I would say natural.

Monaco GP 2014, XPB images

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Interview with Jennifer Becks

Last week I was so lucky I could make an interview again, this time with the amazing Jennifer Becks, girlfriend of Adrian Sutil. You may know some things about her from her social media sites, but I hope you can get to know her a little bit more; get some informations about her life, her work in F1 and her style (which I love, and I’m sure I’m not alone 🙂 )

Question: What do you work nowadays?
Jennifer: I am working as Adrian’s assistant. For example I am taking care of his schedule and I am responsible for all the bookings (flights, hotels etc). This season I am also working on the grid.

Bahrain GP 2013, Sutton images

Q: What was your work before?
J: I studied marketing/communication & PR and I have another BA in economics. I worked within the media business for a few years before Adrian and I decided to do the traveling together.

Q: What do you do in your free time when you are not on a race weekend?
J: During the season, time at home is very rare. Often there are only a few days in between our journeys. When the washing and other “housewife work” is done, I do sports (like fitness, dancing and Pilates), read a book, try to relax outside in the nature and spend time with animals. I also enjoy taking pictures, so I usually have a camera with me.

Jennifer with her sister, Romina (actress, tv presenter) , instagram @jenniferbex

Q: What do you do in the paddock when the cars are not on the track?
J: There is always enough work for me to do. But days at the paddock can be long. When all emails etc are done, I am reading, listening to music or talking to the people I know.

Indian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: Which is your favourite track and why?
J: Track wise and from the drivers point of view it’s Spa and Monaco. Usually these races are unpredictable and exciting and that’s what we all want to see. From a F1 guest point of view I think Abu Dhabi is a great place to watch an F1 race. The paddock/whole area is set up very nice and many other things can be experienced (like live concerts, nice hotels, parties, beaches, sunshine – and it’s not too far away from Europe). Then there are cities/places that enjoy F1 more than others, like Budapest, Montreal, Melbourne or England. It is always wonderful to see the excitement of the fans and how much they enjoy the whole F1 happening. The atmosphere is amazing and the fans make these weekends outstanding and even more special.

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?
J: Chloe is great! But there are also other wonderful girls like Jessica, Gaby or Vivian who I always enjoy talking to when I see them.

Italian GP 2013, Sutton images

Q: Which one was the most memorable GP for you since you watch F1?
J: There have been a few moments since Adrian started his career in F1 which I will never forget. For example his first race in 2007. Or his first leading laps in Melbourne in 2013 and his race in Monaco the same year (spectacular overtaking). These races brought tears in my eyes. One of the biggest upsetting moment was, when Kimi Räikkönen crashed into his Force India in Monaco in 2008.

Hungarian GP 2013, XPB images

Q: Do you like / watch other sports beside F1?
J: Well, it’s football time at the moment But in general I don’t watch any other sport beside F1.

Q: We know you like travelling and you have been many places. Which was your favourite one?
J: Vancouver Island! The nature and wildlife are amazing and I was lucky to fulfill one of my dreams – seeing whales (and plenty of other wonderful animals).

Kép  Kép
Instagram @jenniferbex

Q: Is there a place where you haven’t been but you really want to go?
J: There are a many places I have not been yet, for example Iceland, Norway, Scotland or Alaska, which are on top of my list. I am very much into nature and the beautiful scenery of our planet. Therefor I am always trying to see untouched places. Canada is definitely one of my favorite countries, the nature and wildlife over there are amazing and I would love to explore more parts of the country. Regarding cities or more typical holiday destinations I would love to visit Rome and the Maldives because I have never been there.

Q: Which is your favourite holiday place?
J: I had one of the most relaxing holidays in the carribean (Harbor Island, Bahamas) a couple of years ago. I would love to go there again one day.

Instagram @jenniferbex 

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands / Which ones do you wear the most?
J: Usually I check shops from Elisabetta Franchi, Maje, Pinko, Saint Laurent, Burberry or St Emile wherever I see them. But actually I am not focused on any special designer/brand. I buy whatever I like. What I wear or look for in a shop depends on my mood, the weather and the place I am. If I have time to do some shopping during our journeys I always try to find brands/shops which I don’t find in Europe or ones I don’t know.
Always stylish – Jennifer at Spanish GP 2014, United States GP 2013, Australian GP 2014, Bahrain GP 2014, XPB images

Q: How would you describe your style with one word?
J: JennyStyle

Q: Do you have a favourite piece of cloth in your wardrobe?
J: No, I don’t have a favorite one. Depending on my mood I pick the piece of cloth which I feel most comfortable in.

Instagram: @jenniferbex 
Twitter: @jennifer_becks 

Jenny & Me / 2014-2013 


Interview with Gabriela Tarkanyi

As I mentioned in my first post, the whole idea of this blog came from Gabriela Tarkanyi.  I thought I must do my first interview with her here, so I asked her some days ago. Now here is the interview, about her life, F1, travelling, fashion and music. Enjoy! :))

Q:What do you usually do when you have a little free time?

Gaby: We enjoy the time at home.  We love to go to the Gym and now with Victoria we spend lot of time in the play gardens.

Q:How do your life and your personality changed since the born of Victoria?

G: For me, everything, because now I need to think first in my little princess… Is a different live but I enjoy it.

Spanish GP, Barcelona, 2014, Sutton images

Q: Which one is your favourite track and why?  

G: I love Budapest and Singapore, you can see a big part of the circuit, the weather is nice and I love Hungarian people, are so nice.

Q: What do you usually do at the paddock when the cars are not on the track?

G: I talk with other interesting people, guests and I speak with Pastor when he has free time.

Hungarian GP, 2012, XPB images

Q: With which other F1 Lady do you get on well the most?

G: I speek frequently with Raffaela but all the girls that I know are so nice.

Q: What do you think about the performance of  Lotus F1 Team and Pastor this season?

G: I think they can be better shortly.

Spannish GP, Barcelona, 2012, XPB images

Q: Which are your favourite fashion brands? How would you discribe your style with one word?

G: I love shoes and bags, I think all the girls are like me hehehehehe… I don’t have a preference, If I see something that I like I just go for it hehehehehe…In one word I think my style is relax..

Malaysia 2013, Canada 2012, Spain 2012, Malaysia 2013 –  Sutton images

Q: Which place is your favourite holiday destination?

G: For sure Los Roques, and Canaima in Venezuela..

Q: Is there a country /city you haven’t been but you really want to visit?

G: I would like to go to Maldives..

Kép  Kép
Los Roques, Canaima,  Google images

Q: Which are the three most played song in your Ipod nowdays? 

G: I love latin music…”Mi chica ideal” from Chino y Nacho, “Don Juan” from Fany Lu, “Rompe la Cintura” from Alexis & Fido

Thank you very much Gaby!

KépGaby & Me /   2014-2011




As the part of my holiday in South France, I went to Cannes at the end of this May. Although this was my second time there I was still amazed by this place. Palm trees, sunshine and beautiful beaches – that’s Cannes.






You should just sit and relax on one of the beautiful beach for an hour – you will calm down and all of your stress will go awayKép


Hotels – My personal favourite, the Carlton:Kép


Of course Cannes is popular at this time of the year not only beacuse the good weather and their beaches, but because of the annual film festival. The place is full with journalists and you can see the posters of the films everywhere. If you are lucky and patient you can see some film stars, too 😀


International village




The famous red carpet!



Cannes is also a paradise for those who loves shopping! You can see the shops of the famous brands in every corner. If you are around Cannes, you have to check them -at least for window shopping 😉







First post

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!
In this blog I will share my experiences and my opinion about fashion, motorsport, travelling, maybe you’ll see some posts about food, animals and some other things. Join, read and comment if you want, I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

And last but not least I shoud not forget to give a huge credit to my amazing friend Gabriela Tarkanyi! She gave me the idea to start this blog. So thank you very much Gaby, and I hope you won’t be disappointed about it 😉